Work Experience

Lead R&D Firmware Engineer - ICON Health and fitness (Nov 2014 - Present)

  1. Leads a team of 4-6 engineers to create IOT commercial fitness equipment

  2. Conducts software training for 20 software developers

  3. Created and maintains a configuration tool to cut down repeat console development from 1 week to 2 minutes

  4. Conducts interviews for employee candidates

  5. Works with testing to create and maintain a full system emulator

  6. Serves as a liaison between multiple departments

R&D Firmware Engineer - ICON Health and fitness (Oct 2012 - Nov 2014)

  1. Developed and implemented a lightweight RTOS to run all fitness equipment

  2. Created and implemented a new software architecture

  3. Developed the new communication protocol for fitness equipment

Digital Bench Test Engineer Intern - L-3 Communications (Sep 2010 - Oct 2012)

  1. Contributed to board-level design, remote sensory design, device controllers, and GUI design.

  2. Consistently trusted to design test systems for commercial products and travel alone to meet with partner corporations to launch those systems


  • Software

    • Embedded C (Atmel, Cypress, Nordic, and Renesas frameworks)

    • C#

    • Java/Android

    • C++

  • Leadership

    • Software team lead

    • Co-Head coach for Viewmont Lacrosse

    • BSA varsity coach

  • Hardware

    • PCB Design (Altium)

    • Electronics

    • Communications (USB, BLE, UART, I2C, and SPI)

    • MCU peripherals (ADC, PWM, WDT, DAC, GPIO, DMA, and timers)


School, Hobby, and Team projects

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